domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012


          My name is Paolo, which might remind you to that guy who seduces Rachel in Friends. Things I have in common with that guy: I am Italian and I am interested in women. Apart from that, let's say our profiles aren't much alike .
          I am 23 years old, not very tall and certainly with no expectations on becoming a heart breaker any time soon. My hair looks messy, curly and has an undefined colour close to brown. I am from Pescara, where I could be now, if it wasn't because Chiara invited me to come to Ireland. Chiara is my classmate, I don't like to call her friend, because that would mean I've got no chance of going out with her, that we are JUST friends.
          We are on our way to the seaside, to a town called Bray I think. We took the old electric train in Dublin, hoping to see the view from the carriage window. It is cold and the sun hasn't been around for the last three days, the sea is choppy and of a dirty colour.
          I wonder why I came, I guess the opportunity of going on a trip with Chiara (and her girl friends) was too tempting. Back in college, in Pescara, we are not very close, we don't go out together. I am not the person she would call for a night out; although, if she wants to see a Chinese movie that nobody has heard off or to listen to this indie band, I volunteer. I am not a party animal, but she does not seem to care.
          I am sitting in the train, beside Chiara, she is talking cheerfully to Lucia and Bianca about what we have seen in the city, I watch them in silence. I am  drawing up my plan for tonight. We have decided to go to a pub near the sea. I will have the chance to talk to Chiara, just the two of us. So, am I going to say it? I better... I have been waiting for a year now.
          What is holding me back? She is not going to be single for long. Here is my excuse: I have seen her with her ex-boyfriend, that kind of Superman who would make you feel petty just by standing beside you. Will I make her happy? To tell you the truth, I am not even sure I can get to her. She is out of my league.
          Chiara is leaning on my shoulder, she must be tired. I wish I could put my arm around her. She glances out the window, our eyes meet for a moment, and I look down right after. She looks so beautiful. I am glad to see her smile, since Superman broke up with her she often looks lost in her thoughts.
          I am in love with her. It is not that I am expert in this field, but I haven't care about someone this way before, I am pretty sure this is love. I am certain, I will to talk to her tonight.

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