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First of all, let me apologise, I am definitely not an authority on Disney princesses and I still resist to watch some of the movies which have a princess as the main character. This stubbornness is due to a couple of reasons: I had terrible aversion to the colour pink and princesses since early age, thanks to the spoiled girl I used to play with after school (she was obsessed about clothing in pink and thought she was a princess).  

My second reason is more of a story telling preservation instinct. I, as a child, had read The Beauty and the Beast, the traditional French fairy tale. When I was about ten years old, most girls in my school went crazy about the Disney film, but I could never get that interested. The characters of the original story looked nothing like the ones in the Disney version of this tale, and they almost certainly didn't sing, at least not in my head.

I believe is just fair I mention this background before I go on talking about Frozen, since these facts do not dispose me to like the movie or even give me a strong reason to watch it. I confess the fact that Kirsten Bell was putting voice to the princess convinced me to give it a go. I am a helpless Veronica Mars fan, so I was hoping for a witty princess, which I though it could be a refreshing feature. However, I found some other fresh ideas thrown in to this story.

I heard there was no villain for this one, but I don’t agree, as I think Elsa's power is the villain. That power and the ignorance built around it that makes her a lonesome human being. I thought of those as wonderful starting points to write a story about tolerance, a value so needed no matter what century we are in.

The Snow Queen story is not a familiar one to me, but it’s needless to say this is a very free interpretation of Andersen’s tale. Perhaps we can forgive Disney if the story is less of a princess being saved by the prince, and more of an adventure led by the princess to protect what she loves the most.

Frozen is a musical and that part I did not enjoy as much as I should have (not a fan of musicals either, what can I say!), but for those who like the genre the soundtrack includes some catchy songs and beautifully sang melodies.

What I liked the most is that the prince does not save the day. The not very beautiful creatures, the trolls Kristoff has become friends with, are wise and helpful. Romantic love is not what this movie revolves around, although Disney didn’t go as far as Pixar with Brave and Princess Anna does have a love interest (or two!). And there are some pretty decent jokes on it such as Olaf’s preferences in life. 

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