viernes, 8 de mayo de 2015

Bones + Longing, Gemma Hayes

Album Review

Laughter opens the latest Gemma Hayes' album Bones + Longing almost as a mission statement. This new version of There's Only Love (Let it Break, 2012) conveys Hayes strengths: emotional raw vocals, going intentionally heavy on production and subtly crossing to poetic territory with the lyrics. The journey continues with the hopeful I Dreamt You Were Fine that introduces the guitar riffs this Irish singer songwriter has accustomed us to since the very beginning of her career. Iona and To Be Your Honey fit in this work as loving mantras. Palomino is pure Hayes, that sweet preference for 'quiet ones' at the rhythm of a timeless melody reminiscent of Cathy Davey's The Nameless. Joy and Making My Way Back are the proof heartbreak is not always required to write a good love song; neither do you need to be cheesy. This album is for those who enjoyed the delicate vocals in The Hollow of Morning and the electronic sound and honest words contained in Let It Break. Bones + Longing is an authentic chanting to love, kindness and happiness close to Death Cab For Cutie in its sound combined with Hayes' personal glass to look through; noticing people and the world around her. It is the perfect soundtrack to elevate a small event or a well-known landscape to the 'special' category. Hayes confirms herself as one essential voice in the Irish indie scene with a well-crafted work that can be judged by its cover, a minimalistic and expressive work of art, which hides a meaning for each of us. Though it needs to be said Bones + Longing is an intensely personal work and may leave listeners who are not on the same wavelength feeling left out.

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